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So for me, this product clearly has a good use case and seems like a super slick experience, but I'd still rather invest in my memory again, otherwise I fear what it'll be like by the time I'm 70!

Great work with this @jsngr @shivkanthb 🙌@fredrivett @jsngr @shivkanthb Just 'remembered 😏', nah, thought of a great use case for this!

Once Ralph has agreed, you will need to leave and come back later (after a game day, I believe).

Since you've already gained access to the terminal, it is useless.

Here's the quest page at the Fallout Wikia, which provides more detail should it be required.

In the pop-up window, click the Test In Slack button. Once logged in, navigate to the instance and locate the bot user called @apiai-bot.

You can direct message the agent to test it or add it to channels in your instance.

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