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Read more: Netflix Nabs Chris Tucker Stand-Up Special (Exclusive) Don’t turn here for trenchant laughs, in other words.There are walls Tucker just isn’t willing to breach, which doesn’t mean his particular brand of humor (frequently blue, but unerringly safe) is devoid of all hilarity.I'm glad I said, 'I'm going to Africa and learn what's going on in the world.' It shaped me as a person and shaped my life going forward. I just said, "I want to do this." A lot of people don't know I'm a comedian. I learned how to do this by watching the greats — Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy. I think it's great that "Rush Hour" has taken on a life of its own. So the inevitable question is, will there be a possibility of another "Friday"? This is the first major project since "Silver Linings Playbook." Why don't you do more films? I just finished a movie with Ang Lee called "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk." We did it in Atlanta, which is where I'm from. I want to do something that excites me, that is different and fun. Richard Pryor always talked about his real life and struggles. What's also clear is your deep affection for Michael Jackson. He was such a kind, generous person, not only the biggest star in the world but a kind and friendly person. What are your feelings about the last "Rush Hour" movie? It was great working with Jackie, and it was lots of fun. It shows it was successful and impacted the culture. Even more than "Rush Hour," I hear you get approached mostly about "Friday."A lot. When we made it, we never thought it would take on a life of its own and become a cult classic. I went to see it when it was re-released, snuck into a theater without being noticed. Tucker can do uncanny impersonations (his Bill Clinton and Maya Angelou are especially killer), but these riffs play more like cloistered snapshots from high society, and Tucker’s sheepishness about being in this select club comes off as disingenuous.

You get this success and other people invite you to do things and take these trips. I wanted people to see the real me instead of the characters. All my relationships, friendships, family, all the stuff I've been through. CBS is getting ready to do a TV version of "Rush Hour." How do you feel about that? Unless there is some miracle, I seriously doubt it. I've been busy looking at working with great directors. I'm always seeking and still excited about doing different things. He’s best when dealing with more day-to-day matters like relationships: The set opens with a very funny discourse on dating and marriage that culminates in Tucker, using only a prop stool, acting both sides of an aggressive quickie in the office.(Never underestimate the amusement inherent in a man schtupping himself.) Things quickly turn to celebrity matters, and that’s where the special starts to bog down.Chris Tucker is the rare celebrity who makes almost as much noise with his exits as with his entrances. I'm touring around the world — Australia, the Middle East, Asia, Malaysia, Singapore.The lanky comedian shot to prominence in 1995 as the loud-mouthed pothead Smokey in the seminal stoner comedy "Friday." But it was the buddy-cop franchise "Rush Hour" with Jackie Chan that catapulted the Atlanta native into the ranks of Hollywood's highest-paid actors. On the last "Rush Hour" movie: "It was great working with Jackie [Chan], and it was lots of fun.

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” It’s a humblebrag stretched to excruciating lengths, totally disconnected from any pointed or penetrating reality.

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