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Designated for their global significance and universal value to humankind, many World Heritage sites are major tourist destinations. Now rising seas, higher temperatures, intensifying weather events, and other climate impacts threaten many of these locations and the local economies that depend on them.

Climate change is already affecting Yellowstone National Park.

Eritrea Criteria: (ii)(iv) Located at over 2,000 m above sea level, the capital of Eritrea developed from the 1890s onwards as a military outpost for the Italian colonial power.

The temple of Aphrodite dates from the 3rd century BC and the city was built one century later.

The wealth of Aphrodisias came from the marble quarries and the art produced by its sculptors.

Tree-killing pine beetles are flourishing in response to the shorter, warmer winters, and a longer wildfire season is also affecting forests.

Over time, Yellowstone’s familiar landscape and ecology is likely to be dramatically transformed by climate change.

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