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But even still, the space between "enjoying a happy existence as a popular actor" and "becoming president of the United States" is occupied by a of intimidatingly blank canvas.To help fill it in, I asked some Smart People Who Know Things—political scientists, campaign veterans, and the proverbial Washington insiders—whether they believe Johnson really could become the can be elected president, but longtime Democratic operative and Harvard public policy professor Steve Jarding isn't so sure.

'"), his startlingly gleeful patriotism—neatly check some of the more prominent boxes on a politician's desirability checklist.

Samson's Expedition XP106w Rechargeable Battery Powered Wireless PA is packed with incredible features, including Bluetooth connectivity, a USB digital wireless system and a built-in 4-channel mixer. The Samson Expedition XP106W does just that, and so much more!

Imagine amplifying your remote performance without carrying and rigging a bulky P. It’s a 4-channel mixer, an amplifier, a speaker cabinet, all in one.

He’s now a director, producer and widely respected fight choreographer for the likes of Jackie Chan and John Woo, but started his career as a child actor.

Hung’s a hefty figure (starring in Perhaps more of an action man than a pure martial artist, the Hong Kong hero is one of the best at training for specific roles and pulling off fight choreography with aplomb.

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In our tenth week of summer break, there was rain almost every day.

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