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And when they larger Aboriginals arrived, they pushed out or competed-out the Hobbits?

Maps of these tunnels, and the underground bases associated with them, have been compiled over the years by many independent researchers along with lists of their probable locations.

I didn’t like the dummy, blanked-off radiator grille, which gives the appearance of a bottom-feeding fish or a Spyker C8, but that’s about it.

Haunchy, sweeping lines and a callipygous rear give it the look of a concept car.

Given the climate, how would artefacts be found of Hobbit-life in northern Australia? (The Australian, 8 December 2005): 10,500BC: Approx: Suggested earlier date for origin of Sphinx in Egypt. 99) Note: an archaeologist suggests that this dating has also been given by US psychic Edgar Cayce for construction of the three pyramids of Giza, which date was lined-up by late C20th commentator, Robert Bauval, with the supposed position of Orion's Belt in the sky at that time.

Circa 10,500BC: The climate of the Earth abruptly warms by 20 degrees or more and ends an Ice Age.

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Ice cores from Greenland later reveal a temperature increase of almost 59 degrees in the north polar region within a 50-year period.

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