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Subsequently the Flying Machine version was released on the album James Taylor and the Original Flying Machine.

It has also been covered by such artists as Alex Taylor, Carly Simon and Anne Murray.

Katy reported that she had tried everything to be able to sleep at what she called a "typical time." She presented with concerns about being unable to get to sleep until the a.m.Being an early riser has its benefits, but it isn’t for everyone.Some of humanity’s greatest minds (Voltaire for example) were renowned for sleeping in.She had also started general psychotherapy several months prior to her first visit at the Stanford Sleep Center to try and help her sleep and had completed 12 sessions, which included elements of sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques. The patient also reported a long history of this sleep issue dating back to adolescence when she would oversleep and miss classes in high school and would sleep into the afternoon on weekends.In college she scheduled afternoon classes as much as possible since she knew she would oversleep and not make it to the morning classes.

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