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Physical attractiveness is a more important factor to these couples, whereas it becomes less relevant for friends-first couples.

The findings are published in , a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

Partners who began dating within a month of first meeting each other showed a strong correlation for physical attractiveness, said the study published in the journal Psychological Science."This study shows that we make different sorts of decisions about whom to marry depending upon whether we knew the person before we started dating," said co-author of the study Eli Finkel, professor of psychology at Northwestern University."If we start dating soon after we meet, physical attractiveness appears to be a major factor in determining such decisions, and we end up with somebody who's about as attractive as we are," Finkel said."If, in contrast, we know the person for a while before we start dating -- or if we are friends first -- physical attractiveness appears to be much less important, and we are less likely to be similar to our spouse on the dimension of looks," Finkel added.

The researchers looked at data collected from 167 couples -- 67 dating and 100 married -- who were participating in a longitudinal study of romantic relationships.

It can be viewed as a force acting between two people that tends to draw them together and resist their separation.

When measuring interpersonal attraction, one must refer to the qualities of the attracted as well as the qualities of the attractor to achieve predictive accuracy.

However, none of this means that attraction isn’t important.

A similar pattern emerged when the researchers looked at whether pairs were friends before they started dating; friends-first couples were less likely to be matched on attractiveness than couples who were strangers before dating.

The couples had been together for as few as three months and as long as 53 years, with an average relationship length of eight years and eight months.

The results revealed that the longer the romantic partners had known each other before dating, the less likely they were to be matched on attractiveness.

‘I’m dating a nice Christian guy who I like and respect,’ said the email (so far, so good – however, I hear a ‘but’ coming). Or as a Christian, does God expect me to be less shallow?

I know there are more important things in a relationship, but shouldn’t there be some spark?

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